How to Use Neuroscience to Accelerate Recovery

Caring for the Brain After Psychopathic & Narcissistic Abuse

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A Neuroscience Course just for Survivors ♡

Understanding the brain can open the door to a new set of self-care approaches you can use as you work on your recovery.

This 14 day course is for survivors who fell in love with someone on the pathological narcissism spectrum. That includes partners with narcissistic personality disorder, antisocial personality disorder, psychopathy, and any blends of those conditions.

The course is priced significantly below a 50-minute interview session with a neuropsychologist.

Within the course you will receive > 14 days worth of insightful content, quizzes, and an exploration into brain functioning related to narcissistic abuse. You can also ask me questions within the modules (message).

In your healing journey, it is imperative to understand that certain actions and behavior patterns can actually deepen your pain and contribute to feeling 'stuck'.

No one wants that!

One of the best ways to know how you want to tailor your recovery path is to get information regarding how the brain responds to certain activities, experiences, and exposure. This is what this course will do!

Neuroplasticity allows our brain to heal and change, leaving behind many of the emotional wounds caused by narcissistic abuse. Rewiring the brain is possible if you work with it rather than against it.

I will teach you ways to work with and care for your brain. Our brain is able to form neuroconnections that have the potential to strengthen the regulation region. Positive neuroplasticity can be central to transforming suffering into growth.

You can do more then just survive narcissistic abuse. By adding neuroscience approaches to your current self care regimen, along with any needed professional interventions, you increase the likelihood of enjoying your life again!

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Your Instructor

Dr. Rhonda Freeman
Dr. Rhonda Freeman

❀ Hello ... and welcome

I'm Dr. Freeman from Neuroinstincts, a website created in 2013 to help survivors of Cluster B Personality Disorder abuse. I feel privileged to share this course with you, not only as a psychologist, but also as a survivor.

I have witnessed and experienced the agony caused by pathological narcissists in positions of power and within relationships. The destructive nature of just one individual on the pathological narcissism spectrum can change the course of a person's life. I created this content to give a little help on your journey.

❀ Background

I am a neuropsychologist within a neurology practice. For over seven years I have shared information regarding narcissists and psychopaths with the public.

I write for Psychology Today and I am a member of the Research Committee with Aftermath: Surviving Psychopathy (a foundation dedicated to helping men & women abused in relationships with someone with psychopathic traits.)

I hope Neuroinstincts Academy courses help you on your journey.

All my Best,

Dr. Freeman


Course Curriculum

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Frequently Asked Questions

When does the course start and finish?
The course is open for attendance now. You start whenever you like once you are enrolled. You have access for one year from your purchase date.
How long does this course take?
It was created to be completed across 14 days. However, you decide your pace. Review the material again and again if you like within your access year.
Is this course right for me?
A) This course is for men and women who want to know what could be behind some of the emotional changes in the aftermath of narcissistic abuse.

B) They want as many tools in their healing bag as possible and understand that neuroscience makes a nice adjunct to the information learned from psychology.

C) They are not intimidated or turned off by brain talk (e.g., neuroanatomy/ neurochemistry).

D) They devour new information and understand the difference between education and treatment.

The course is not right for:

... individuals seeking a replacement for treatment or to address any psychological conditions by learning new information.

... individuals in the midst of extreme distress reactions. A brain under such conditions will likely have significant difficulty absorbing or focusing on material of this nature.

... individuals who dislike science or psychology. .

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