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What if you were taught facets of neuroscience that could transform your approach to healing?

A Neuropsychologist / Survivor has created

a Neuroscience Course just for Survivors

This course is for women and men who fell in love with someone on the pathological narcissism spectrum (i.e., narcissistic personality disorder, antisocial personality disorder, psychopathy, and any blends of those conditions.)

Has this been your experience?

Heightened sensitivity?

Have you become more sensitive, empathic, and reactive since involvement with a pathological narcissist?

The 'Get-it-out' approach not offering much relief.

Typically, when we discuss something, the clarity leads to tremendous improvement. However, have you shared the details of your relationship, yet continue to feel stuck?

Feeling consumed with narcissistic personality disorder?

Do you find yourself thinking excessively about their disorder or the relationship, even if it's over?

Lack of benefit from time.

Unlike past relationships, have you felt confused as to why time has not healed this wound?

Feeling a broken heart for someone you do not even like?

Do you find your logic and emotions are out of alignment leading you to feel stressed and/or engage in bad decisions?

Now let's look at what you can do about it!

Learn how to work WITH your brain.

Why? Because the brain is the generator of emotions, reactions, thinking, personality, and more.

The brain is the key to our mental health and quality of life.

"I am grateful beyond measure!

I have been so worried about my brain functions - but now armed with this knowledge, I am starting to see improvements. I’m back at work and thriving. Much love to you Rhonda, for the work you are doing." TC

Narcissistic Abuse - Male Testimonial
"This is what I was missing!

Dr. Freeman goes slowly through the neuroscience - so I didn't feel overwhelmed. Not only did I constantly have moments of 'Ohhh that's why I did that!' I learned ways to go in a different direction and help my brain." JM

Narcissistic Abuse - Female Testimonial
"I'm BLOWN away!

The new information she introduced in the course has opened my mind even MORE. It has helped me to understand the neuroscience behind what is happening to our brain when we have a trauma bond to people who cannot actually bond!" SH

Dr. Rhonda Freeman

A neuropsychologist and contributor to Psychology Today and various media outlets. My training focused on brain rehabilitation and neuroscience evaluations.

As a survivor of abuse from a callous, aggressive, immoral, selfish partner, I know the damage individuals with this disorder can create in your life. That's why I packed this course with content that was key to my transformation. All the best on your self-help healing journey. Rhonda 

Dr. Freeman Narcissistic Abuse

In your healing journey, it is imperative to understand that certain actions and behavior patterns can actually deepen your pain and contribute to feeling 'stuck'.

No one wants that!

One of the best ways to know how you want to tailor your recovery path is to get information regarding how the brain responds to certain activities, experiences, and exposure. And that is what this course will do!

Explore the Trauma Bond

Learn the neuroscience of the trauma bond - theory created by Dr. Freeman. Dive deeply into survivor responses.

Blend of Behavioral Neurology & Psychology

Content based upon social neuroscience & psychology geared solely to survivors.

A Neuroscience Theory Applied to Survivors

Dr. Freeman has created a neuroscience theory based upon the evaluation of thousands of trauma patients.

Dr. Freeman - Narcissistic Abuse Neuroplasticity

Learn about neuroplasticity and approaches selected by Dr. Freeman for survivors.

A Self-Care Healing Model

Learn a healing model based on neuropsychological research.

Narcissistic Abuse Symptoms

Learn the neuroscience behind common narcissistic abuse symptoms.

Just know - anyone can summarize neuroscience journal articles or Google 'the brain & healing' and package that to you, with no expertise in this field. With no experience working with thousands of trauma or neurological patients.

It happens all the time.

An educational program from a neuropsychologist gives you access to a specialist who ...

✦ Has a PhD in psychology with an emphasis on neuroscience.

✦ Has been trained in cognitive rehabilitation of brain trauma and neuropathology.

✦ Has conducted 1000s of psychological & neuropsychological evaluations with trauma survivors.

Has conducted 1000s of psychological & neuropsychological evaluations of personality disordered individuals.

✦ Has worked with her brain after emotional abuse, using a framework she created to recover her neuropsychological functioning.

✦ Has created a neuroscience-based model to use in self-care healing.

✦ Has created a neuroscience-based model of the brain changes specific to narcissistic abuse.

✦ Continues to work daily within a neurology practice, assisting patients with brain related conditions and trauma.

That is the type of lecturer best suited to teach you neuroscience focused on narcissistic abuse. This is what you deserve. And I would be honored to be your teacher.

Brain - Rhonda Freeman - Narcissistic Abuse
neuroinstincts academy is for

✦ Individuals who want to know what could be behind some of the emotional changes in the aftermath of narcissistic abuse.

✦ Individuals seeking to add more self-help tools into their healing bag; neuroscience makes a nice adjunct to the information learned from psychology.

✦ Individuals who are not intimidated or turned off by brain talk (e.g., neuroanatomy/ neurochemistry).

✦ Individuals who devour new information and understand the difference between education and treatment.

not a match for everyone

Neuroinstincts Academy is not for ...

Individuals who intend to use this class (course) as a form of treatment. The lessons are not interventions. You would be a student within a course, not a patient.

Individuals who dislike science, biology, or psychology.

Individuals in the midst of significant distress. A brain under such conditions will have difficulty absorbing material of this nature.

Individuals with minimal patience, as this content will take time to assimilate into your knowledge base.