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Dr. Rhonda Freeman
Dr. Rhonda Freeman

❀ Hello ... and welcome

I'm Dr. Freeman from Neuroinstincts, a website created in 2013 to help survivors of Cluster B Personality Disorder abuse. I feel privileged to share this course with you, not only as a psychologist, but also as a survivor.

I have witnessed and experienced the agony caused by pathological narcissists in positions of power and within relationships. The destructive nature of just one individual on the pathological narcissism spectrum can change the course of a person's life. I created this content to give a little help on your journey.

❀ Background

I am a neuropsychologist within a neurology practice. For over seven years I have shared information regarding narcissists and psychopaths with the public.

I write for Psychology Today and I am a member of the Research Committee with Aftermath: Surviving Psychopathy (a foundation dedicated to helping men & women abused in relationships with someone with psychopathic traits.)

I hope Neuroinstincts Academy courses help you on your journey.

All my Best,

Dr. Freeman

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